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I already did a post on my 2012 running in review, but decided to do a general post as well. 2012 was a truly amazing year, and I couldn’t let time get by without recapping one of the biggest years of growth and excitement I’ve ever had!

January: I announced that I would be training for my first half marathon! January started my first official training period, and I had fun! I also went to The Melting Pot for the first time, and had a delicious 4 course meal! I went to Florida at the end of the month for a long weekend as well!

February: I continued to train for my half marathon until I got shin splints 😦 I spent Valentine’s Day doing all sorts of things that I love, and had a great day! I also started doing my plank challenge, which I’ve continued to do most months! I did 3 extra speaking events this month as well, which was fun! I also published my first book chapter this month!

March: I lifted for the first time since college! After taking the first part of the month off from running, I finally eased back into running at the end of the month. I also ended the month with a week long vacation in Florida!

April: I kicked off the month with spending an entire weekend reading the Hunger Games. LOVED IT! In the middle of the month I got to spend a long weekend in New York City for work (which I never recapped. oops!). It was the first time I’ve been to NYC, and I had a great time! I set a new PDR when I ran 10 miles, my longest “long run” while training for my first half marathon.

May: I ended April/began May with another long weekend in Florida, and had a great time. I rushed home because I had a half marathon to run! On May 5th I finished my first half marathon. I also had a week long vacation out in Colorado where my brother graduated from college!

June: I kicked off the month with another speaking event! I spent two days playing model for a fitness shoot, and it was lots of fun! I jumped into the pool and swam laps for the first time in half a decade (to start training for a triathlon!). I ran a “welcome to summer” 5k on the beach, which was the longest distance I had run since my race at the beginning of May. I ended the month of June (and began the month of July) with a long vacation with my family in Florida (yes- I went down there A LOT in 2012).  I ended the month by announcing that it was “Time to Tri“, that I would be training for my first triathlon!

July: The first few days were spent in Florida, but then it was back to the real world. I got on the bike for the first time in a decade (part 2 here), which was a terrifying experience for me. The Olympics were also this month, and I talked about celebrating the olympics (and a trip to Olympia, Greece).

August: I started to type up my grandpa’s letters from war, and learned a lot about his life. I celebrated my birthday, and continued my tradition of going on a birthday run! I went to Florida again (for the last time for 2012), and then headed to Chicago for another work event. While there, I found out that a friend died unexpectedly, and I rushed home to say goodbye. The day after the funeral I completed my first triathlon, and had a great time racing!

September: I kicked off September by announcing that I was jumping back into training, this time for my 2nd half marathon! I spent Labor Day weekend with a group of friends from college, and welcomed fall with a bang! I talked about meeting Seth Rogen, and ended the month with the perfect fall run!

October: The month kicked off with another speaking event. My brother flew up to visit for the weekend, and got to listen to me speak! My brother and I also went on a great 8.5 mile run together! I went to Spain for 5 days for work, and had a great time exploring the city; unfortunately I also got food poisoning. I recapped it in three posts: Day 1 & 2, Day 3, Days 4 &5. I finished training for the half and then rested (and completely freaked out about the race!).

November: November kicked off with my 2nd half marathon, where I set a shiny new 22 minute PR! I baked a lot over the month, probably in an attempt to deal with some of the post race blues. I went to my parents house for Thanksgiving (along with some extended family members), and my dad and I ran a 5k turkey gobble.

December: The Christmas season! I spent the month watching Christmas movies, baking, spending time with family and friends, going to concerts and parties, and enjoying other Christmas-y things! I also shared one of my favorite Christmas songs, and discussed celebrating Christmas when life doesn’t seem too joyful. The second half of the month was spent with my family, and having a great time with them!

So that’s a brief year in review. Congratulations if you made it all the way through. One of the nice things about having a blog is being able to have easy access to big events throughout the year. I enjoy going back to other years to see all that happened:)

I truly feel like 2012 was a year that surprised me. I felt like I grew a lot, learned a lot, and realized that I was much stronger in fitness than I thought I was!

And now onto a great 2013…

Now it’s your turn to share! What events stand out to you from 2012? What was one of your biggest accomplishments from the year (this could be in any area of life, not just fitness!).