I have to confess that I’m struggling a bit to sit down and write a “normal post” after Friday’s shooting in Connecticut. My heart aches for all who are associated with this tragedy, as well as those who were triggered from past traumas as well. It’s all so sad 😦

To get back into the groove of things, I decided to do a Christmas survey I saw on Emily’s blog. The Christmas season is one of my absolute favorite times of the year, so here’s a little slice of how I celebrate:)

Favorite Christmas Album/CD/Song? I really like Josh Groban’s Christmas album! One of my all time favorite Christmas songs is “I heard the bells on Christmas Day”. I not only like the song, but I love the moving story behind the song. I wrote all about it here.

Run on Christmas morning or take the day off? Definitely no running on Christmas! I’ve never gone on a run on Christmas. However, my family takes an afternoon walk together each year, so I do get outside and get in some exercise.

What do you usually eat on Christmas morning? Always Cinnamon rolls! I don’t even remember when we started eating them, but it’s been as long as I can remember. YUM!

Christmas cinnamon rollsFrom 2009- long before this blog existed.

Favorite holiday or Christmas tradition? How can I pick just one? Every night we play a game or watch a movie in the family room. We turn the lights down, have the Christmas tree lights on, and always have a fire! It’s perfect! My brothers and I tend to often fall asleep in the family room watching TV too, and end up sleeping there all night- just like when we were little! I also really enjoy baking Christmas cookies with my mom. On Christmas Eve my family also reads the Christmas story in Luke 2, and I enjoy that. We do this after attending the Christmas Eve service and driving around to look at lights.

Real tree, fake tree, or no tree? Both, I guess. I obviously love real trees; both the look and the smell! At my parents’ house we have one of each. The real tree is upstairs and has white lights and our nicer ornaments on it. The fake tree is downstairs in our family room, and it has the “kids ornaments” on it. It’s always fun to see all the little things I made in elementary school! At my own place I have a fake tree since I’m only there for half the Christmas season.

Christmas pajamas… yay or nay? ABSOLUTELY! What’s Christmas morning without fun Christmas pajamas?

Christmas pjsChristmas morning 2011. Great Christmas pjs, right? This picture is really weird (I KNOW), but I promise there’s a story behind it…

Where do you spend the holidays? All from elementary school through grad school we went to my cousins’ house for Christmas each year. Now that everyone in my family is out of the house, we want to be at our parents’ house, so we now spend Christmas there. It’s wonderful!

Food you always have during the Christmas season? Lots of delicious Christmas cookies (they are a MUST)! For Christmas dinner we always have honey baked ham (amazing!), creamed onions, corn casserole, cranberry sauce, and pie. It wouldn’t be Christmas dinner without those things!

Open presents all at once, or take turns? Confession- I feel anxious at the thought of chaotic tearing of wrapping paper. I don’t understand why people choose to do this! My family has always drawn out the process of opening gifts for the whole day (mixed in with games, the family walk, etc…). We open gifts slowly, laughing and talking throughout.

Favorite Christmas movie? Hmmm… that’s a tough one because I love so many Christmas movies! I really like It’s a Wonderful Life, Elf, Love Actually, and Boyfriend for Christmas (a classic my cousin and I grew up watching :D). I try to watch as many Christmas movies as I can. My family also loves to find the cheesiest Hallmark movies and watch them in the evening (and of course laugh at the cheesy parts). It’s so fun!

Now it’s your turn to share! How do you celebrate Christmas? What’s been your favorite Christmas pjs ever?