Happy December! I’m posting my links today since I did my goals and recap post yesterday! This week has been interesting trying to get through all the blogs in my reader that I missed over the holiday. Was anyone else tempted to hit “mark all as read”? Here are some great links I read this week:

Elf For Health: This six week challenge is all about healthy living through the Christmas season. Round one is going on right now, but you are free to join in (even unofficially). Check it out!

Vegan Cranberry Crumble Bars: Emily from Daily Garnish once again shared a delicious sounding recipe this week. I’m a huge fan of cranberry, so this recipe immediately stuck out to me.

Holiday Eating Without Overthinking: Tina shares 5 simple and easy tips to healthy eating throughout the Christmas season.

25 Little Known Facts About Boy Meets World: I LOVE watching boy meets world, and watch an episode or two every few weeks. This article was really interesting, and it makes me want to go back and watch the entire season straight through again!

Cell Phone Addiction Driven By Impulsivity: Interesting article about constant connection to our phones

Now it’s your turn to share! Did you learn anything interesting this week? Feel free to share a post of your own in the comments.