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Wow- we’re about to hit December once again. I struggle to believe that, because it honestly doesn’t feel like that long ago that I was going to my parents’ house for Christmas last year. Boy time sure flies when you’re constantly training for something! In my October Recap and November Goals post, I talked quite a bit about my upcoming half marathon. Having struggled with IT band pain, I was sincerely worried that I wouldn’t finish, and my primarily goal for the month was to cross the finish line. That race started a truly fantastic month for me! Here’s a look back on the last month:

Picture 19

Yeah. November was a great month. I ran a really fun and great race, I met my goals, but while I have rehabbed my IT band a bit, it still has a way to go.

And now for some December goals. December is tough because about half the month I’m on vacation from my job, so the structure isn’t there and my exercises change.

  • Plank challenge. The second half of the month I’ll be doing pilates most days, and therefore won’t need to do planks those days. Therefore, my plank challenge for the month is 20-25 minutes of planks.
  • Continue to rehab my IT band. REST is going to be the name of the game. I’m decreasing the running I’m doing and doing the physical therapy exercises I’ve been given.
  • PILATES! Lots and lots of pilates this month. I don’t have a specific time goal or anything for this. My goal is to just enjoy doing pilates and be dedicated while I’m in the studio.
  • Finish 2012 out strong and on a good note. My goal is to enjoy my last few weeks and live in the “here and now” (there’s a good therapy term for you!). I want to enjoy the time I have with family and friends.
  • Watch LOTS of Christmas movies. Preferably one a day:)
  • Continue to work on the letters from war

Now it’s your turn! What is one thing you accomplished this month or are proud of yourself for doing? What’s one goal you have for yourself during December?