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Coming off a race that you’ve spent hours each week training for, visualizing, and preparing for is tough. The post race blues are definitely a real thing, and I’ve been fighting hard to not let myself feel too down after running the Indy Monumental on November 3rd. This being the start of the holiday season, it’s definitely given me something to focus on and work towards. I don’t claim to have the perfect way to deal with post race blues; I think everyone needs something a bit different. Here’s what I’ve done to survive the post race blues.

Engage in other types of exercise. Yes, I certainly miss running, but running isn’t the only way to break a sweat or get some endorphins. I’ve started biking again, and I’ve walked quite a bit each week, as you can see from my weekly recaps here and here.  Yoga has been great, and I’ll be doing lots of Pilates around Christmas time.

Find a new race to work towards! I’m planning to sign up for the Indy Mini again this coming May. While it’s still a ways away, it motivates me to keep a good base throughout the winter so that I can be strong when I go into training in the winter!

Plan other fun activities. On the weekends I’ve scheduled out my time a bit to keep me busy and focused on what needs to be done. I’ve spent a lot of time doing other non-exercise related activities with friends, and the laughter and fun I’ve had helps to mitigate the post race blues.

Re-focus on relationships. Race preparation can take a toll on our family and friends, and the time we spend with them. Focus on rebuilding some of those relationships again!

Focus on building up other areas of wellness as well. Sometimes those last weeks before a race we’re so focused on the race that other areas of wellness seem to decrease a bit. The post race time period can be a great time to work on other areas of our wellness as well!

Engage in self care! Recovery takes time, sleep, stretching, and good food! Make sure you’re giving yourself what you need!

Spend time remembering the race! Finding people you can talk to about the race! I keep my medal out for awhile and look at pictures! I think it’s helpful to think about everything I accomplished while on the course! Just don’t ruminate on it so much you can’t enjoy anything else.

Now its your turn to share! How do you deal with the post race blues? 

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or personal trainer. I am simply sharing some of the things that have helped me get over the post race slump. If you feel that you are really struggling or feeling depressed, please contact a doctor or professional counselor.