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Whew- this past week flew by! It seems that every day fell into the same routine- wake up, work, exercise, dinner, bed. It’s a good schedule, works well for me, and the week really did fly by pretty quickly! Can you believe that we’re less than a week away from Thanksgiving? I’m so excited! This past week I was still recovering from my half marathon, so my intention was to keep things a little bit lighter than usual. Well, I didn’t necessarily do that (partly because I know that this next week will be a little mroe relaxed than usual), but I did cut down on the runs, which is hopefully helping my IT bands. Here’s how the week looked:

  • Sunday: 3.15 mile walk, 3:00 planks
  • Monday: 3.2 mile walk, 2:30 planks
  • Tuesday: 5.34 mile walk
  • Wednesday: 2.00 mile elliptical, 2:30 planks
  • Thursday: 4.7 mile bike, 2:30 planks
  • Friday: 6.00 mile walk, 2:30 planks
  • Saturday: 3.1 mile run, 2:30 planks

Total Miles: 17.69 mile walk + 3.1 mile run + 4.7 mile bike + 2.0 mile elliptical= 27.49 total miles + 15:30 minutes planks

So, I had intended for my total mileage to be shorter. I only set out to walk 3 miles on Friday, but it was so beautiful outside that I just couldn’t make myself go inside after only 3 miles, so I kept going. Every step of that walk was gorgeous. I’m also happy to be continuing to do planks each week. For those of you who regularly do planks- does it seem like they don’t get any easier? That’s how it feels to me anyways…

Now it’s your turn to share! What’s one healthy thing you plan to continue to do throughout the holiday season?