After two days of traveling and lecturing, a night of sleep did wonders. We started the day with a delicious breakfast (which I’ll talk about more in a different post)!

I ate and ate and ate some more. It was all delicious! Immediately following breakfast we caught a taxi into the Old City where we spent our entire day. I’m not going to talk about everything we saw and did because that would be tedious, but I did want to share some pictures so you can get a glimpse of this beautiful city!

Roof of Lonja dela Seda. This beautiful building was the silk exchange for the town. There were pillars inside the building and a secret prison in the basement!

Outside the silk exchange we saw someone walking down the street in traditional Spanish dress, and I thought it was beauitful! I’m not sure what she was dressed up for, and this was the only time during my trip that I saw someone dressed like this. I’m glad I got a picture!

Immediately following this we walked through the HUGE outdoor market they have, full of all sorts of food, clothing, purses, toys, and other items! It was really fun to walk around. I don’t have a picture because I thought we’d be back the next day….

In my previous post about Valencia I shared a picture of the Cathedral at night. This afternoon we headed back to the Plaza de la Virgin and got to walk through the Cathedral and Basilica there. I love European Plazas like this!

We got about half an hour of rain this day, but luckily we found a cute little cafe in the plaza to get tea and crepes at. YUM!

This is Torres de Serrano. Valencia is located on the sea, and as such needed great protection from attacks. While the city walls have been torn down, two city gates remain. What’s especially cool about this is that you can still walk through the gate!

I love going on walks each week, but I think I’d really love to be able to walk on these streets more often. Seriously, how cute and European is this?

I thought this was pretty funny! This is the outside wall of a church in Valencia. Clearly they just built the wall using other statues and pillars. I certainly did a double take as we were walking by!

After dinner (which I’ll be recapping in my “Eating in Valencia” post) we spent a bit of time walking around the city again. This is Plaza de Toros de Valencia- the bull fighting ring there. We didn’t go inside, but it was neat to walk around the outside.

This is obviously just a little snippet of what we did this day, but I wanted to give you all a taste of this fantastic city!

Now it’s your turn to share! When you travel, what’s your priority (museums, architecture, food, culture)?