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Happy Thankful Thursday, a time to focus on what we’re feeling thankful for this week! Not only is this a good thing to do to keep ourselves focusing on the positive, but it has physical and mental benefits (win-win)! It’s been a much more calm week then the last have been, which has been nice! Anyways, here are a few things I’m feeling thankful for this week:

I’m thankful that I got to see so many great friends from college at Homecoming this past weekend. Sure, I didn’t get much done this weekend, and I certainly didn’t get caught up on sleep, but I had a blast hanging out with some of my friends! One thing I don’t like about life after college is that I have friends spread all over the world, and don’t get to see all of them that often. It was a wonderful weekend full of laughter, reconnecting, Starbucks, walks, and football games!

I’m thankful for beautiful fall weather! This weekend was chilly but sunny. Yesterday and today have been in the upper 70s and sunny. AMAZING and perfect for enjoying fall!

I’m thankful for so many people who blog about their races! I love getting to read race recaps, and I’m glad that people take the time to do them! I love getting to vicariously experience the excitement and energy that they experienced. There are so many inspiring racers out there, and they are inspiring! The next few weeks are huge racing weekends, and I’m so excited for everyone to compete!

I’m thankful my race isn’t for another week and a half. I’ve been having some IT band pain, and I need all the time I can to rest it and for it to hopefully heal a bit!

I’m thankful for ice packs and foam rollers! I’m using these on a 2-3x/day basis right now to try to get my IT band back in tip-top shape before my half marathon! Both of these items were fantastic inventions.

I’m thankful for some extra time in my work week to get some paperwork done. I definitely enjoy seeing clients more than I enjoy doing paperwork, but I also don’t like feeling behind on paperwork. It feels good to check some things off my to-do list in the office after a few busy weeks and my trip to Spain!

I’m thankful for the upcoming weekend! I’ve been gone or had someone visiting me or staying with me every weekend since before my triathlon. It’s been a great few months, but I’m definitely thankful for a weekend to rest, clean, and catch up on my ever growing to do list!

Now it’s your turn to share! What are you feeling thankful for today? What do you enjoy most about race recaps (or do you avoid reading them)?