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I’m nervous. Really nervous. I’ve made a few comments here and there that my training hasn’t been what I wanted it to be. My training has been a short two months because of the triathlon I did at the end of August. Every single weekend between now and then I have either been out of town (or the country!) or had someone visiting me. Every. single. weekend. It made my weeks very packed as I was either packing/unpacking or cleaning for someone to stay/cleaning up after a visit. It’s been a crazy two months. Somewhere in there I’ve managed to actually work and to train for this half marathon. It hasn’t gone as I would’ve liked.

A few weeks ago on runs the outside of my knee started hurting. I could run through it no problem, so I iced after runs and experienced no real pain afterwards. It kept getting worse and worse. On my long run last weekend (my last long run before the half), I was in pain by mile 2, and toughed it out until mile 6 (i had to get home!). I chalked it up to building mental endurance, but I definitely took many walking and stretching breaks throughout. I was supposed to do 10. So, my longest run this training cycle was 8.5 miles, and my knee and hip are in lots of pain from IT band flair up.

Wonderful. I’m feeling a little discouraged and worried about my race. I now have just under 2 weeks until my race. My plan between now and then is to not only get sleep, eat well, and hydrate, but to take care of my IT band as well. Here’s what I’m doing:

  • Stretching
  • Foam Rolling 2x per day
  • Icing 1-2x per day
  • Resting my IT band by not running

I feel caught between needing to rest so I can run the best I can on race day, but also keeping my cardio up. Here’s where I could use your help!

What type of cross training is best to not put too much pressure on my IT band but will allow me to keep my cardio up? (slow walking, biking, elliptical??) What types of stretches would be helpful for my IT band? Any other thoughts on helping it to feel the best it can by race day?

I could use any help or advice I can get! What have you done to deal with IT band pain?