Since my very first post on this blog I’ve said that I need to do a series of posts on my journey to running. In a nutshell, I loathed running. I was not a fan. At all. As part of a recent sweat pink ambassador blog swap, I met Lindsay (her guest post on excuses is here) and wrote a blog post for her. I decided to jump in and start to write about my journey to running. As part of my post, I also included some “dos” and “don’ts” for starting to run. I’m not going to put the whole post here (you need to check her blog out to see the rest of it!), but I thought I’d give a sneak peek here to increase your interest:)

“I would rather swim a mile than run a mile any day. That’s how much I loathe running!”

I said this over and over again for a good decade of my life. I truly didn’t like running. Every two years or so I would get a little urge to run, head out for a mile or two, and would hate it. Yes, running was not for me. Then I joined twitter and became part of this crazy fitness and healthy living community online. I started reading blogs, and some of those posts included training for races and race recaps. I guess the concept of running worked its way into my head, because one night I had a dream that I went out on a run…

Make sure to head over to Lindsay’s blog and read the rest of it and give her a little comment love! Then head back here and tell me how getting into running (or your current fitness routine) went for you!