Happy Friday! This week has flown by for me, partly because I’ve felt a bit behind and off this week  because of my trip to Spain. I’ve definitely had jet lag, and I’m looking forward to finally catching up on sleep and feeling back to normal. This weekend is also Homecoming for the college I went to, so I’ll be busy hanging out with friends! I told you October was busy! I haven’t been reading online nearly as much this week due to my schedule, so I don’t have as many links to share, but I did want to pass a few along:

How To Stay Active While Traveling: Some great trips for increasing your success of continuing a fitness routine while traveling!

How Does Sleep Affect Mental Wellness? Another great article on the connection between sleep and mental health. Sleep is a component of health that is easy to overlook!

Getting Pumped Up To Work Out: This post includes some great tips to get more excited and motivated to exercise. Sometimes we all need a little kick to get moving.

10 Reasons I’m Excited To Run The New York City Marathon: I love reading about the NYCM- so much excitement, so many emotions. Join in the fun:)

The Life You Think You’ve Lost: A great read, seriously. Melissa talks about how she handled things when the life she imagined she would have wasn’t happening.

2012 Chicago Marathon: This was Bri’s 2nd time running the Chicago marathon, and I’m impressed with her endurance even when things were tough. Want some inspiration or motivation? Check this post out!

Now it’s your turn to share! What’re you excited about for the weekend? Want to share your own post for someone to read? Just link it up below:)