Happy Friday! I missed last Friday so I have some links from the last two weeks to share! Last Friday I was enjoying some family time (especially with my brother who is in the military and was lucky to get a long weekend to fly up to see my family), and disconnected from social media to really engage with them. I can’t get enough time with them:) That being said, here are some interesting blog posts and articles I’ve read recently:

Snoozing ‘Til Noon? It could be a sleep disorderThis article was really interesting. Delayed Sleep Phase Disorder is something that is interesting to me, and when I read it I could definitely identify with some aspects of that- especially in teenagers! This article has some practical steps of how to handle this. Definitely worth skimming through.

How Stress Affects The Body. This link includes a great infographic on the various body parts that may be affected by stress. I think this is great information for each of us to know!

Activity Programs Fail to Get Kids Moving, study saysInteresting article on some of the attempts out there to get kids to move, and the result of these attempts. What do you feel is an important aspect of getting kids to move and engage in physical activity?

What You Need to Be A CaretakerBeing a caretaker is hard, exhausting work. These article discusses what you need to survive being a caretaker.

Internet Use DisorderThis is becoming an increasingly discussed topic. Yes, you can be addicted to the internet.

A 5k is my Mt. Everest. I love Callie’s post about conquering things in our lives!

Now it’s your turn to share! What are you looking forward to this weekend? If you have kids, how do you try to get them moving? What does stress look like for you?