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This weekend I had the opportunity to do my training run with my brother! (This is the brother I ran on the beach with in June and who helped get me back on my bike in July). He’s in the military and in GREAT shape, so I always feel bad when we work out together because I feel like I hold him back. He’s fantastic though and is great at encouraging me and pushing me a bit too, and is more than willing to slow his pace down so he can run with me. He was even ok with me running and walking using the Galloway Method. This weekend I had an 8 mile run on the schedule, so we headed out on Sunday after our breakfast had time to digest!

The first two miles felt tough. I was talking a lot and that messed up my breathing, leading to a nasty side cramp. NO FUN. I’ve mentioned this before but I feel like it takes about 2 miles to really get in the grove of things. Miles 3-6 were MUCH easier than miles 1 and 2. The first three miles we ran on a cross country course, which not only helps with the pounding force on my body, but it’s also beautiful! Once we hit the road my breathing was much more under control, and I felt pretty good!

We stopped at mile 5.25 to grab a drink and I ate two shot blocks, and we kept going. We ended up going a little longer then planned, and ended up with a 8.50 mile run. My knee ached a bit while running, but otherwise it felt great!

When I’m out running I often feel like I haven’t gotten any better. I’m still a newbie runner, and because of having POTS exercise is a struggle. Sometimes, like today, I get a bit of perspective. Last April when I did my 10 mile training run for my half marathon my average minute/mile pace was 13:07. Almost 6 months later, I’ve improved my minute/mile pace quite a bit. Here’s what today looked like:

11:28 minute per mile pace! I’m so happy:) I have never been able to hold that kind of pace for such an extended amount of time! It definitely helped to have my brother next to me the whole way pushing me. I just wish he lived closer so we could run together more often!

I’m pretty happy with how my long runs have gone this training round. The only complaint I have is that around mile 6 or 7 my right knee starts to hurt a bit on the outside where my IT band attaches. I’m foam rolling, stretching, and icing, so hopefully it won’t become a big issue. Overall, yesterday was a pretty great run! And thanks to my brother for pushing me through all 8.5 miles.

Now it’s your turn to share! Do you ever workout with your siblings? If you have a fall race coming up, how’s your training going?