It’s again time to work on strengthening our mental health by being thankful! (I hope we all focus on our mental health more than once a week though!) I’m going into a crazy next week and a half, so I’m taking a deep breath and jumping into the crazy. Here are a few things I’m thankful for right now:

I’m thankful for the beautiful fall weather. Seriously. We’ve had some truly beautiful days in the 60s and low 70s. Sunny brisk weather is my favorite to run in, and I’ve been enjoying it.

I’m thankful for a great run after being sick. I was sick in the middle of last week, and am so thankful to be feeling back to normal. I was also happy to have a great long run this past weekend despite taking most of last week off from working out (resting is good and healthy too!).

I’m thankful for compression sleeves. Not only do they help with shin pain while I’m running, but I feel like they help with recovery as well. Furthermore, when I wear them to work (not with skirts- obviously!), an added bonus is that they help keep me warm! My office has been really cold lately, so wearing my compression sleeves adds another layer to my legs.

I’m thankful for the moment. I’m busy this month. Very, very busy. When I think about everything I need to do in the next few weeks I get overwhelmed. When I break it down into bite sized pieces and focus on the moment, it is ok. I’m thankful that we have the ability to focus on the moment and not have to be so overwhelmed by the future.

I’m thankful for laughter. Isn’t it fantastic? I try to laugh a few times every day, even when I’m feeling frustrated. I have some funny websites book marked that I know will get my smiling and laughing every time no matter what.

Now it’s your turn to share! How do you prepare for crazy times in your life? What do you do to live in the moment?