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Happy October! It’s time to fully embrace all that is fall in my life and enjoy this season for what it is! It seems like a long time ago that I sat down to type my August Recap. September was a very full and busy month, and October is looking like it will be even busier and crazier (including a trip to Europe!). Here’s a look back at this past month:

September, while the weeks seemed to fly back, actually seems like a long month. Like I said, I’m really looking forward to October. I get to see my family, I’m attending Homecoming at the college I attended, I’m going to Europe, and it’s my final few weeks of training before my second half! So much excitement, but it will also include the stress that comes with being busy and actively on the go. That being said, I want to stay as healthy as I can this month. Here are a few goals:

  • Get back to doing planks regularly. I used to do them almost every time, but I got out of the habit this summer. My goal for this month is 30 minutes of planks.
  • Sleep! While I can’t always control this while I’m traveling, and I can’t force myself to sleep at night, I will try to be as healthy with sleep as I can. This will involve being in bed for 8 hours a night, even if I can’t sleep.
  • Staying healthy and feeling good while traveling also involves staying hydrated. I will drink 8 cups of fluid each day, more if I’ve worked out a lot that day.
  • Enjoy Europe and focus on living in the moment!
  • Ice, foam roll, and stretch after every.single.workout.
  • Avoid injury, take rest days, and be smart about training for my half marathon.

There you go: a look back at September and looking forward throughout October! This month is all about balance and health for me as I train and travel throughout these weeks.

Now it’s your turn to share! What’s one accomplishment you had from September? What are you most looking forward to in October? How will you try to maintain balance this month?