A few months ago I noticed a new hashtag on twitter- #sweatpink. After doing some research, I found out about these awesome group of people on their website, FitApproach! Sweat Pink is a healthy living community, and highlights the idea that we can be girly and at the same time still be strong, healthy people! Just because I love throwing on a great pair of heels and a pearl necklace doesn’t mean that I also can’t love my tennis shoes and kick it hard on the race course! It’s been a journey to balance my girly girl and fitness girl selves, and I think I’m doing it pretty well!

I think that being part of a community of people is a critical step to being a healthy individual, and we can all use a bit of support on our journey. That’s what I love about Sweat Pink! This is a great group of people supporting one another and learning from one another on our fitness and healthy living journeys!

I’m happy to announce that I was asked to become a Sweat Pink Ambassador, and I’m really excited! I’m happy to be a part of a healthy living organization, and the fact that it includes the color pink doesn’t hurt at all!

About to cross the line of my first triathlon!

For those of you who are knew to my blog and coming from the Sweat Pink hashtag or website: Welcome! It’s great to meet you! Here’s a bit about myself:

And that’s a bit about me! Please say hi and share a bit about yourself! I’d love to connect with some of the other Ambassadors out there:)