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Whew. I can’t believe I made it through August. Actually I can, but at the start of the month I wondered how much energy I’d have left by the end. You see, I spent a solid month living out of suitcases, and was on the go constantly. In fact, I ended up going to  10 different states throughout the month! This month was really fantastic, and I’m pretty sad to see it go. Not only am I sad for the month to end, but I always hate August ending as it also signals the end of summer (my favorite season)! Here’s a look back at the month:

  • When August started out, we were in the middle of the Olympics, which I’m a huge fan of watching. My family celebrated in style, and I loved watching every evening!
  • I spent many nights the first week of August typing up my grandpa’s letters from war. You know how sometimes you wonder what your parents or grandparents were like when they were young? These letters gave me a great peek into my grandpa’s life as a 21 year old.
  • I looked back on the growth I’ve had over the last month since I started riding my bike again. Verdict? Overall- completely awesome. I can’t believe I let myself take a decade off, and have certainly enjoyed this awesome form of exercise!
  • I celebrated my birthday, and had an amazing day! I love that I now have a tradition of going on a birthday run every year!
  • I got to meet Seth Rogen (hmm… I don’t think I blogged about that though)
  • One of my good friends died unexpectedly, which was heartbreaking. I ended up taking an unplanned two day trip for his visitation and funeral. It’s never easy to say goodbye, and I definitely miss him.
  • I faced the worries I had about my first triathlon in the face, and prepared as best as I could.
  • I COMPLETED MY FIRST SPRINT TRIATHLON and absolutely loved it!!

In between that was working, training, spending time with family and friends, and doing all the other necessary daily living activities. When I started to type this post and realized that August was my birthday and the Olympics, I could hardly believe it. Because I’ve done so much and traveled constantly, this month has seemed like it was two or three months long. I’m ok with that though, because it was great.

Next up? September! (I already have some pretty fantastic plans for the fall. Like this one!)

Now it’s your turn to share! What stands out to you about the month of August? What’s one thing you want to accomplish or enjoy during September?