That’s right! While I’m still riding on the race induced high from my first triathlon, I don’t have worry because I already have my next race planned. At the beginning of November I’m planning to run the Monumental Half Marathon in Indianapolis! While at the race expo for my first half marathon, I saw a booth of this race, and immediately started thinking about it. Around mile 10 of my first half, I knew I needed to sign up for another race, and thought that the Monumental might be the right one! I thought about it for a bit, and finally signed up for it in mid June, about 5 weeks after my race.

Because I’ve spent lots of time training for my triathlon this summer, I definitely haven’t had the running milage that I would otherwise have had going into training. While I have a great cardio base, as well as some good cross training under my belt, I’m feeling a little worried the small number of weeks I actually have to train for this race. I also know that running even three times a week tends to give me shin splints, and I can’t risk having to take a few weeks off to heal from those.

My basic plan for this race will be to do a short run during the week and my “long runs” on the weekend, and fill in the rest of the week with cross training activities. I know this won’t help me towards a great PR or anything like that, but I want to train safely and smartly in the few weeks that I have.

So there you have it! I’ve signed up for my next half marathon and am officially in training!

Now it’s your turn to share! How do you “come down” from a race? Welcome to September- do you have any fun plans for the month?