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Despite the fact that most of my energy has been focused on dealing with my friend’s death and upcoming funeral, I still need to be thinking a bit about my triathlon. Just like the days leading up to my half marathon, I am working hard to squash that little voice that says I can’t do this. Nevertheless, there is a lot of unknown involved in this race, as I’ve never even seen a triathlon before. Everything feels so foreign, so new, so unknown. I’m nervous. Excited, absolutely, but still nervous as well.

That being said, here are some of the things I’ve been thinking about and worried about for each leg.

  • Swim: I do the breaststroke and that takes up about double the space as the front crawl does, so I’m nervous that someone will smack into my arms and legs and hurt me. Or that I’ll choke on water. I’m a strong swimmer so that leg doesn’t bother me much. I just don’t know how to pace myself so i’ll be ok by the time the run comes along. I’ve also had a bit of difficulty with getting my goggles to fit properly, so I hope they don’t act up during the race!
  • I’m good on a bike, but again don’t know how to best pace myself and don’t know how to even pace myself because i usually use an app on my phone but won’t have it during the race. I’m also nervous about other people speeding by since I’m not that comfortable on the bike. I also haven’t mastered drinking and putting my bottle back without dropping the bottle or falling. so no drinking for me. Also i’m worried about falling since i still feel a bit unsteady. (obviously I’m nervous about this leg! I just got on the bike for the first time in a decade less than 2 months ago!)
  • Run: I’m not too nervous about that since I’ve done this type of exercise the most and I can always walk or stop if absolutely needed. But I’m worried about having enough energy left for this leg since I’m still unsure of how to best pace myself.
  • After my run this past Sunday, the arch of my left foot has been hurting a bit, and I’m not really sure why. I’ve been icing it but it still hurts. I’m hoping that it won’t bother me too much, and that I’ll be able to actually finish this race!
  • I’m a little worried about the transition zone- especially T1 since that’s the biggest transition for me. I’m not clipping in on the bike, so this is where I’ll put on my running shoes and everything. I’m a bit worried about being able to find where I racked my bike (I’ve heard this can get confusing!) and also remembering to grab everything I need!
  • I’m also nervous because I’ve been traveling so much during the month of August that I haven’t had any opportunity to bike or swim. I actually had planned to do a bike ride on Friday (the first time I would have access to my bike!), but now with the funeral and having to travel for that, that ride won’t happen. I hope i’ll be able to bike and swim well after taking a 3 week break off!

Obviously the timing of everything with this race is no good, and I’m not going into this triathlon very prepared. I’m still excited… and nervous! Right now I’m focusing on foam rolling, continuing to walk every day to keep my legs loose, icing my foot, and preparing for the funeral. And, of course, confronting the voice in my head.


Now it’s your turn to share! Any thoughts or tips on triathlons in general?