On Monday I was supposed to be excited. I was heading to a work meeting that I was really excited about attending. I was getting excited and nervous about my triathlon. In my head I was planning what to do the next few days to prepare for the tri on Sunday. And then the phone call came; the phone call to tell me my friend had died. Unexpectedly.

I had just hung out with him for a few hours last Wednesday. He was supposed to be coming tomorrow to hang out with a group of us this weekend. And now he won’t be coming. Honestly, I think I’m still in shock so much that I hardly believe it. The news almost refuses to sink in- I just can’t believe he’s gone.

And now, instead of doing all the “right things” to prepare for the tri on Friday and Saturday, I will be spending 10 hours in the car. To go to his funeral. Even typing that it doesn’t seem real. Instead of being excited and looking forward to my tri, I am now focused on preparing for the funeral. Nothing like going into a race sleep deprived, stiff from being in a car, and emotionally drained.

While I want to do well in this triathlon that I’ve spent months preparing for, I also need to focus on saying good-bye and spending time with my friends who were also close to him. My goal for the triathlon is to finish, and to have a great time doing it. And hopefully all the emotions of the week will be a bit of a push forward for me on Sunday.

But for now, I need to say goodbye to my friend.