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I made it through the biggest part of my triathlon training. From here until the triathlon I will be traveling quite a bit (I’ll be in 10 states in 2 weeks), so I’ll have limited time and resources to train. I plan on walking to keep up my cardio, and going on 2 runs each week. That being said, I’ll definitely miss swimming and biking! Here’s what the week looked like:

  • Sunday: 14.97 mile bike, .56 mile walk
  • Monday: 1 hour pilates, 1.51 run (birthday!)
  • Tuesday: 1.2 mile walk
  • Wednesday: 2.05 mile waLk
  • Thursday: None
  • Friday: None
  • Saturday: None

Like I said, my mileage will obviously be lower with a lot less cross training for a few weeks. I’m bummed about it, but I’ll definitely be doing what I can while I travel.

Now it’s your turn to share: What’s one thing you’ve accomplished this past week? When you travel do you take a break from exercising or do you try to do some form of exercise?