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Happy Birthday to me (yesterday)! I meant to post yesterday, but I was too busy enjoying me birthday (and last day home with my family). I had a really great day. I spent about an hour this morning working on some slides for a presentation I have in October (they wanted a rough draft of the slides this week), and then the rest of the day was all fun. I started off my fun with a birthday run, which I hope will become a yearly tradition. I ran for the first time on my birthday last year (i had just started running), and love to use the run to reflect on the changes that have occurred over the last year.

It was a HOT day, but the run was fantastic! WOW my face is pink.

I followed my run up with an hour sports massage which was amazing! Then it was off to the pool for an hour or so with my mom. After that we headed home and I packed a bit, and then my entire family went to go workout. I hit the Pilates studio one last time with my mom, and enjoyed every minute of it! I really miss doing Pilates in a studio!

See! How could you NOT enjoy this?

After working out we headed home and made a delicious steak dinner. We watched some Olympics, I finished typing up a few more of my grandpa’s letters from war, and we ended the night eating some delicious cupcakes! In the middle of that were lots of Facebook posts and phone calls, and it was great to hear from so many people I care about in my life! It was such a relaxing and wonderful birthday!

Honestly, this past year has been one of the greatest of my life! I ran my first half marathon, have pushed myself to become even more physically active and in shape (i got on my bike after over a decade break!), published my first article, wrote my first book chapter, did a great series of lectures, had a great time at my job, took some fun vacations, and spent so much wonderful time with family and friends. It was a really fantastic year.

I hope this next year will be just as great. I have some great things lined up- an international lecture (with a mini vacation attached) this fall, another great series of lectures lined up, some exciting things at work, a few more requests for some articles and book chapters, an exciting race in November (which I haven’t talked about yet here), and a triathlon at the end of the month! I’m already planning out a few times to see my family over the next year, and am excited to watch my college athlete baby brother rock his sport this year. Overall, I’m really excited for this next year and feel blessed to be given another year of life!

Now it’s your turn to share! Do you have any birthday traditions? What’s your favorite dessert you eat on your big day?