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Well, this is my last week to workout in my current age, because my birthday is tomorrow! I have to say that the last year I have worked out harder then ever before, and I’ve seen some great improvements. I’ve gotten back into the pool again and back onto the bike, and finished my first half marathon. Great year, no?

With the inspiration of the Olympics fueling my energy this week, here’s what the week looked like for me:

  • Sunday: 2.5 mile run
  • Monday: 1 hour pilates, 7.5 mile bike
  • Tuesday: 1 hour HIIT (interval training)
  • Wednesday: Rest
  • Thursday: .5 mile swim
  • Friday: 1.1 mile run, 1 hour pilates, 9.92 mile bike
  • Saturday: 1 hour pilates, 1.0 mile swim

Total Miles: 3.6 mile run + 17.42 mile bike + 1.5 mile swim= 22.52 total miles + 1 hour HIIT + 3 hours pilates

This week I participated in my first interval training class, and I was sore until Thursday evening from it. Ouch! It was fun though. Overall I was glad that I got in 2 workouts for each of the 3 events for my triathlon, and I got in some good strength training as well. Overall, I was pretty happy with how the week turned out!

Now it’s your turn to share! What’s one thing you accomplished this week? What’s been your favorite moment of the Olympics so far?