Taking a brief break from my Thankful thursday posts (yes- I’m still feeling grateful today!), I decided to post a few random things on this Thursday. Ready?

  1. Today I was sitting on the edge of a hot tub with my legs in the water, and I felt a sudden stinging sensation on my upper thigh area (but the bottom/side of my leg that was near the ground). I immediately jumped up and, upon seeing a few fire ants, immediately ran into the zero depth end of the pool and sat down, hoping it would stop the stinging and burning feeling. How could one little bite send a burning feeling down all the way to my knee? Seriously? I sat there for about 10 minutes before it stopped stinging enough for me to get up and leave. I’m sure the whole thing looked very odd to the rest of the people in the hot tub, but that was the least of my worries. It still stings when I sit down, and I’m not sure how something so little can leave such a stinging feeling. Grrr. I guess I can chalk that up to a new experience?
  2. I went to a graduation party two weekends ago and there were 17 (yes- you read that right) different flavors of beautiful cupcakes on platters in the dining room. Each cupcake was topped with a beautiful design of toppings and frosting. My favorite flavors (yes- of course I had more then one! I split them with a few people though) included Cherry Vanilla, cinnamon roll (almost melted in my mouth!), and root beer float (tasted EXACTLY like it in cupcake form… delicious)! Since that time I’ve been craving cupcakes so badly!
  3. I’m watching wife swap right now and that show seriously stresses me sometimes. They find such opposite people, and it’s just pure chaos in the houses. AGH! It is always interesting to see how each of the families change when they follow up.
  4. I’m re-reading the Hunger Games Trilogy, and am reading them a bit more slowly then the last time. They are still just as addicting the second time around though!

So those are 4 random things that have been on my mind on this Thursday! Maybe a cupcake would help the fire ant bite? 😉

Now it’s your turn to share! Have you ever gotten bitten by a fire ant before? What’s the most delicious cupcake you’ve ever tried?