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…a Pilates model that is! This afternoon I headed into the Pilates studio and participated in a photo shoot for a few hours. The shoot lasted for about 3 hours, although I obviously wasn’t doing Pilates the entire time like I would be in a class setting. What I found to be the most difficult is that after I got into a pose, I had to hold it for awhile so the photographer had plenty of time to get a number of shots. This led to a bit of shaking on my part, and I’m definitely feeling sore right now!

Getting ready for the shoot.

It was a great time, and we moved between two studios: The Reformer Studio (where the reformer machines are) and the Mind & Body Studio (where we took some mat pilates pictures).

An exercise using what I like to call the “ring of torture”. This is not an official picture.

One of my favorite exercises on the reformer machines. This is not from today, but gives you an idea of what I was doing. I was wearing those pants today though.

I had a blast doing it and we’re planning to do another shoot soon! I really love Pilates and wish that everyone could have the opportunity to practice it on a regular basis. The benefits are so great, and I think it really enhances the other types of exercise that I do (running include).

Before I started the afternoon shoot, I fueled with a delicious salad.

Included was: spinach, mushrooms, corn, red pepper, onion, and chicken topped with some balsamic vinegar. YUM! After the photo shoot, I walked on the treadmill for 1.75 miles (at 13:20 per mile pace) and rowed for 11 minutes (equaling 1 mile). Obviously i was more then ready to eat when I left the gym, and had this delicious Chicken salad for dinner. Check out the recipe! One little note- instead of pasta I used quinoa, and that worked out just as well and gave me more protein post-workout.

Today was lots of fun, and an opportunity that I likely won’t get again!

Now it’s your turn to share! Have you done anything unusual lately? Have you ever gotten to “play model” for the day?