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I love 5k runs that are tied to different holidays. Do you remember when I did the Jingle Bell Jog and the Turkey Trot this past year? If not, I’ll wait while you catch up quick:) Anyways, the church I attend offered a 5k run on Saturday morning (between Good Friday and Easter), and my family was quick to sign up. We love being active, so this seemed like a great activity to do together.

After taking a long break from running due to an injury, I was anxious to get back into running. I’ve done a few shorter runs, but didn’t want to do too much too fast, so I decided ahead of time that I would walk a bit of the race, no matter how great I felt.

We started from the church and ran on a bike trail, doing an out and back pattern. At the halfway point I walked for a short time, and then picked it up again for the end. I felt great and had no shin pain, which was really exciting! Even though I have hardly been running since the beginning of February, and I took a walk break, I only was 4 minutes slower then my 5k PR which also made me happy.

Here I am at the finish line (please excuse the “i just rolled out of bed and finished a run” look). I cropped the picture to keep the identity of my family off my blog.

See my fun running skirt? I’m planning to do a review of this at a later date, but I wanted to show it off quickly here. I won this right before I was injured, so I have just recently gotten the chance to wear it! I had lots of people asking me where it came from (it’s from Sparkle Skirts).

Overall, the race was a fun opportunity to get up on Saturday and run. This will be my last race before my half marathon (which is coming up really quickly).

Now it’s your turn to share! If you’ve done a 5k before (walked or run), what was it/what was your favorite race? Have you ever done a holiday themed race?