My grandma died in October (i posted about it here), and I’ve experienced a wide range of emotions since that time. I miss her very much, that’s for sure, although some days are much worse then others. I’m not someone who thinks that when someone dies they shouldn’t be talked about. I’m all about continuing to talk about that person, and remembering the funny memories and experiences. I think it’s healthy to continue to carry the joy and memories of that person through life, and that’s what I do with her. I’ve also placed a few little memories around my house of her, one of which is the last thing she ever gave to me. It’s something completely ridiculous, but something that gave her joy during her last few months at her assisted living center.

Yes… it’s a solar powered flower. When it’s in the sunlight, the flower and the leaves bounce back and forth. It’s silly, but it looks so happy when the sunlight hits it. My grandma loved them, and she gave one to me the last time I visited her there. I keep it in my living room, and smile every time I see it dancing. It reminds me of the joy she had in so many things in life, and it gives me a funny memory of her.

Losing someone is never easy, but I’d rather remember the good memories then try to forget my grandma and never speak of her.

Now it’s your turn to share! If you’ve ever lost someone before, what’s one little way you choose to remember them?