Confession. I normally hate Februarys, and leap year Februarys are even worse. Why be forced to spend one extra day in the dreaded month then I have to? This year has obviously been a bit unusual, as there as been much more sun and warmer weather then traditionally. This has helped the month speed by, so I was optimistic about this leap day. I even wore a dress with a green 3/4 sweater in hopes that it would be a good day.

Let me tell you something. Leap day was one of the best days of the entire month. You know those days were everything seems to go your way? That was my leap day. Let me tell you why.

  • I went to work half an hour early so that I could leave work a bit early
  • By filling out a free survey at our food place at my job, I get a free candy bar (king size!)
  • I worked half of lunch so that I could leave work even earlier
  • They had an employee appreciation hour at work, and anytime in that hour we could come and get free ice cream. As someone who is lactose intolerant, I eat ice cream 1-2 times a year, and I decided that this was one of them (my last time was June 2011). It was DELICIOUS and worth it.
  • It was 64 degrees and sunny all day. And no wind. It was a perfect day.
  • I got to leave work an hour early (as a result of coming in early and working during part of lunch)
  • I went on a beautiful 2.15 mile walk after work by myself, and it was fantastic!
  • I fell asleep early, and slept really well.

There are just some days that come together well, and this leap day was one of them. The picture above is from the walk that I took, which I ended just moments before sunset. It was beautiful. Of course I wished that I could’ve gone on a run instead of being “stuck” walking, but I enjoyed it as best as I could.

Now it’s your turn to share! What did you do on Leap Day? What makes a day a “good day”?