I’m a huge fan of pomegranates, so when I saw them on sale last weekend, I snatched two up excitedly. While the seeds taste delicious on their own, they are especially delicious in yogurt, oatmeal, and salad. High in Vitamin C, Folate, Potassium, and Maganese, this delicious fruit is a fun way to spice up traditional meals (click here for other nutrition data). One of the main reasons people tend to avoid the fruit is the difficulty they experience in deseeding it.

For Christmas my Aunt and Uncle bought me a pomegranate deseeder, and the process has now become relatively easy. I thought I’d share with you how to deseed a pomegranate so you won’t feel intimidated by one the next time you see it at the grocery store. I’d like to mention that pomegranate juice is of red and sprays easily, meaning that you need to protect your clothes so they don’t get stained.

Let’s start at the beginning. This is what a pomegranate actually looks like. It looks a little weird from the outside, and will probably look a little beat up.

You’ll want to cut a little of the top of the pomegranate, and then slice the pomegranate into two pieces. Now you can see why deseeding a pomegranate can be tricky. Each little seed is attached to that pomegranate. After the pomegranate is cut in half, score the sides of the pomegranate 4-5 times.

I put the pomegranate deseeder into a bowl, and place the bowl into the sink. That way when it sprays it will hopefully land in the sink and not spray onto the walls. I then place half of a pomegranate onto the deseeder.

I would suggest covering the pomegranate with a few paper towels to catch some of the spray. You’ll want a heavy spoon that won’t bend or crack when you whack it against the pomegranate. Hit the pomegranate repeatedly in various places to loosen the seeds. Check the pomegranate, and if the seeds haven’t completely loosened, recover and hit again.

The seeds will fall through the deseeder into the bowl below. Some of the white membrane of the pomegranate that the seeds are hooked into while also fall through. Fill the bowl with water and those will rise up to the top of the water. Scoop off the top of the water and drain the seeds.

And now you have a bowl of delicious pomegranate seeds. Store in the refrigerator and top your favorite meals with them.

Of course you don’t need a deseeder to deseed a pomegranate, but it certainly makes the process much easier. If you don’t have a deseeder, you’ll want to cut the pomegranate into sections, and fill a bowl with water. Submerge your hands and the pomegranate in the water, and slowly pull out the seeds. Doing it under water will make it easier and keep the juice from spraying.

Does it seem so intimidating now? I hope not!

Now it’s your turn to share! Do you like pomegranate seeds? Have you ever tried to deseed a pomegranate before?