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After last week’s disappointing workouts, I hoped that this week would be a little better. Guess what? It was a little better! I still am not back to following my plan, which I’m frustrated by, but I’m trying to be smart and realistic. I’m stretching, foam rolling, and icing like it’s my job, and it feels like it’s helping.

So here’s what this last week looked like:

  • Sunday: Rest
  • Monday: Rest
  • Tuesday: gentle 1.5 mile run – no pain!
  • Wednesday: 2.8 miles elliptical
  • Thursday: Rest
  • Friday: 30 minutes strengthen & stretch (core & pilates exercises)
  • Saturday: 2.68 mile run

Total Miles: 4.18 mile run + 2.8 mile elliptical= 6.98 total miles

Blah. This is still not where I was hoping I would be. I decided to take a week of running and then do to slow, short runs this week to see how I felt. My run on Tuesday was fantastic, and I didn’t have any pain. My run on Saturday was only a tiny bit painful, but since then I’ve had lots of pain. SO, I am now officially taking a few weeks off running and will biking and elliptical-ing to keep my cardio up. I’m obviously disappointed.

Lesson Learned: I have a much easier time eating healthy when I’m also working out.  Since I had to give up my plan when I began experiencing some leg pain, my nutrition has also gotten a bit worse. It’s interesting to note the connection between exercise, nutrition, and other self care behaviors.

Biggest Struggle: Being patient! I want to get right back onto my plan and go go go… but I know that if I want to be healthy I can’t do that.

I’m debating only doing a short run and a long run each week once I get back onto my plan, and cross training two days instead of one day to eliminate some of the pressure and pounding on my legs. The most important thing is for me to be able to cross that finish line in May. I’m not going for any specific time. For my first 1/2 I just want to FINISH.

Now it’s your turn to share! What’s one accomplishment you’ve had this past week?