Happy Friday! I love Fridays because they carry so much hope and optimism towards the excitement of two free days! This week seemed to fly by quickly because of Valentine’s Day and the fun activities of the day.

Speaking of Valentine’s Day, the holiday itself brings a day (week? month?) of all sorts of delicious sweets! I’m all for moderation in eating, and don’t foresee me ever completely cutting out candy. Even though my mom doesn’t have any children at home anymore, she still sends us fun little Valentine’s treat boxes. I always look forward to seeing what sort of sweets she’ll send (especially because I rarely buy candy for myself). One good thing about her buying for all of us is that we don’t each need an entire bag, and therefore she can split one bag of candy between all of us. This allows us to get a taste of lots of things without having an excessive amount. Here’s my Valentine’s Day loot:

Looks like some delicious stuff, right? Somehow those pink heart marshmallows have almost completely vanished. oops! I love that she included spices in my Valentine’s box too:) My goal with treats like this is to have a few little tastes each day instead of eating a large amount every day.

I posted this picture already, and it wasn’t something that came in my Valentine treat box. BUT, I feel like I should post it again anyways since it was my Valentine’s treat to myself:

Thin mint and cake batter frozen yogurt. YUM!

While I enjoy living a healthy life (or at least try to live a healthy life), I’m all about balancing that with a little bit of the sweet too.

Now it’s your turn to share! What’s your favorite valentine candy or flavor of frozen yogurt? Do you give or get valentine’s treats from others?