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This week has definitely been a different sort of week then any other week of 2012, and I’m ok with it. I do miss my very predictable schedule of January, but I love being a bit busier as well. My Valentine’s Day turned out pretty much exactly as I predicted it would, and I had lots of fun doing things that I love. And now on to some things I’m thankful for this thursday:

I’m thankful my parents came to visit this past weekend! It had been a number of weeks since I had seen them, so it was a fun first visit of 2012!

I’m thankful that I’ve gotten my voice back: After a cold that left me with very little voice for almost a week, I’m happy to have my voice back once again! It certainly makes doing my job a little easier, and I’m sure my clients enjoy not hearing me croak when I open my mouth.

I’m thankful for the frozen yogurt I ate on Valentine’s Day

I’m thankful for a fantastic, sweaty elliptical workout today. I did a quick 25 minutes on the elliptical after work, and felt much better after my workout then I did before. Plus, after the major sugar dose I had yesterday, it felt good to do something healthy.

I’m thankful for fun TV nights with my friends. Whether we’re watching Biggest Loser, Dancing With The Stars, or some other TV show, it’s a fun break to have in the middle of the week.