I love holidays. I’m all about decorating my house or office and celebrating the day. The truth? I haven’t really enjoyed Valentine’s Day all that much in many years. When I was little it was fun! Valentine’s day morning I would wake up and find a little tin of candy hearts next to my breakfast plate. I would skip off to school where we would have a Valentine’s Day party and I’d get lots of candy. What kid wouldn’t love that? But then the school parties stopped and it became an annoying hallmark holiday. To be honest, I was rather grumpy about the entire holiday in high school and most of collage. I regret that now. Why?

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for couples. I still don’t love Valentine’s Day, but what if we can re-focus a bit and work on loving others well today? What if we can work on loving ourselves well? If you’re single, instead of focusing on how “negative” this day is or how alone you are, why not focus on all the people around you who you love? Make fun plans with them and enjoy the day!

So what are my plans today? I’m spending the day doing things that I LOVE.

  • I started the morning talking to people I love on the phone and texting others.
  • I’m working at a job I love.
  • After work I’m going on a short run which I will love!
  • I will then go get frozen yogurt (which I love!) with a friend
  • I will be watching Biggest Loser while eating frozen yogurt with my friend
  • I will end the day with a Skype date

Who says that you need someone there to give you flowers or chocolates and take you out to dinner to have a fun day? Today is full of healthy and fun things and spending time with people I care about. So, instead of complaining or scrunching up your nose at the day, why not focus on doing things you love with people that you love?

Now it’s your turn to share! Do you enjoy Valentine’s Day? What’s one thing you are doing today that you love? How are you letting people in your life know that you care about them?Ā