I’m disappointed. This disappointment has kept me from writing this weeks recap all day, because I would rather just move forward. But not all training weeks are awesome, right?

Alright, so here’s what the past week looked like:

  • Sunday: Rest
  • Monday: Strengthen & Stretch
  • Tuesday: 2 mile run
  • Wednesday: Rest
  • Thursday: Rest
  • Friday: Rest
  • Saturday: Rest

Do you see all those rest days? Sigh.

Total Miles: 2 miles running + no cross training= 2 total miles

Lesson Learned: Sometimes we shouldn’t “just do it”. I’ve been battling with some shin pain, on top of a nasty head/chest cold that left my almost completely voiceless this past week. I took the week to get some extra sleep, eat some nutrient rich foods, and ice a couple times a day.

Biggest Struggle: Yesterday was the first Saturday of 2012 that I haven’t gone on a run. I noticed all morning and afternoon I felt antsy, and kept standing at the window looking outside. I was surprised that I actually missed my long run day. Does this mean I’ve actually become a runner?!

So, this week was pretty blah in terms of exercising. I have much higher hopes for this coming week.

Now it’s your turn to share: What’s one of your accomplishments from the past week?