I’ve never been a person who regularly photographs their food, logs food intake, or counts calories. However, the last few wednesdays as I’ve taken pictures for a “What I Ate Wednesday” post, I’ve been interested to see my food choices. I think I’m realizing that fresh veggies are one of the most difficult things for me to fit into my meals. Hmmmm… So here’s what I ate today:

Breakfast: 1 Banana, 10 oz orange juice, 16 oz coffee w/almond milk (unpictured)

Lunch: Bagel w/lots of almond butter (unpictured), Greek Yogurt, 2 clementines

Afternoon snacks: 1 Pumpkin Spice Protein Bar, 3 handfuls of nuts

Dinner: Pasta w/red onion, red pepper, spinach, garbanzo beans, & feta cheese


Evening Snack: Cucumber dipped in cottage cheese & some chocolate before bed!

Add into that mix almost 10 ounces of almond milk and about 55 ounces of tea for the day. I’ve almost lost my voice and being in a career where I talk with people all day is a bit difficult at the moment. Hot tea helped me keep my voice throughout the day!

Now it’s your turn to share: What’s your favorite veggie? When you have a sore throat or your voice gets hoarse, what’s your “go to” remedy?