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I kept muttering this quote to myself as my alarm went off at 8 am and I grabbed a glass of juice and a Luna Bar. Outside, a mixture of snow and rain lightly fell, and slush was starting to cover the street. My training plan called for 6 miles today, which I was excited for because the longest I have gone before is 5 miles. After a week of beautiful weather, this morning the temperature was 31 degrees, with a “feels like” of 22. GAH. Why couldn’t the nice weather hold out for one more day?

Parts of the road was a little slick, so I took it nice and slow. My goal was to also stay fairly consistent, and have strength to run my last mile faster then in previous miles. I also hoped that I didn’t have to take a walking break, but would’ve been ok if I had to.

I dressed in smart wool socks, running tights, a dry-fit long sleeve shirt with thin running jacket on top, thin gloves, and a Nike Headband. Once I got going I was completely fine and comfortable the entire run. I’m sure I would’ve been ok not fueling, but decided since I was going to be gone for over an hour, I should eat a little something. Plus, I’d like to try out different fuels and get my body used to eating while running. I grabbed half a packet of sports beans and my spi belt, and headed out.

My first two miles I felt a little achy and stiff, but I loosened up, and by the time I hit miles 4-6, I felt fantastic. Why is it that the first two miles are often so difficult?

Despite the fact that it was nasty weather, I could hardly complain, knowing that this was still better then spending an hour on the treadmill. The miles tend to go by so much faster outside. Why is that? Anyways, my last 1/2 mile (5.5-6) I ran grinning from ear to ear, and may have done a tiny fist pump when I hit 6 miles. I’m still surprised I’m running at all, and certainly not pushing myself into more miles.

Looks like miles 5 and 6 were faster then 3 and 4!

I’m happy with my pacing, and I’m glad that I didn’t go out too hard the first few miles and wear myself out. I guess I’m getting a little better at that! I followed my run up with some stretching, foam rolling, and an ice bath while watching The Office. I’m feeling a bite sore already, so I’m a little nervous about how sore I’ll be in the morning!

Now you get to share: What’s your favorite article of clothing for cold weather running? Do you use a lack of perfect conditions (in any area of life) as an excuse for not doing something?