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I love getting to start February off by focusing on some of the things that I’m feeling thankful for at the moment. Here’s a run down of some of the things that are making me happy at the moment!

I’m thankful for shirts with thumb holes in them. They are great to sit around the house and watch tv in and fun to run in and keep my hands warm. I’m fairly certain that I would build an entire wardrobe around these shirts if I could!

I’m thankful for a fun weekend trip! I had the opportunity to pop down to Florida for a long weekend this past weekend, and I had an awesome time! The weather was great, and it’s almost always enjoyable to get away from “real life” for awhile! From start to finish it was a great time! Yay for visiting people you love!

I’m thankful for ice packs. After my runs in Florida I wasn’t able to ice, and I got the chance to see how much less sore I am when I actually am able to ice after my runs! Those little guys are a huge lifesaver (ok… not really lifesaver, but they save me from soreness!) in my life right now.

I’m thankful for texting. I’m able to keep up with my family members pretty much every day, as all of them (including my parents) text frequently! It’s fun to be kept up to date with what they’re all doing, and we also love to send random pictures from our day back and forth. This is a great little piece of technology to keep relationships strong at a distance!

I’m thankful for this amazing weather right now! I’m not a fan of the cold. AT ALL. For the last week I’ve been in weather between 50 and 75 degrees, and I’m loving the fact that I don’t feel like my hands or feet are going to fall off at the moment. LOVE IT.

I’m thankful that all the episodes of How I Met Your Mother are on instant view of Netflix! Love the show, and think it’s just a modern day version of Friends. It makes me laugh, and the short episodes are great to watch on my lunch break!

Now it’s your turn to share! What are you thankful for today? Have you ever watched How I Met Your Mother?