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Wow, January seems to be flying by! I’m pretty sure I was sitting at Starbucks two days ago typing last weeks Thankful Thursday post! Ok, so back to things that I’m thankful for this week/today/right now…

I’m thankful for Chobani: For this lactose intolerant girl, Greek Yogurt has been a huge addition to my diet, and helps me get in the calcium and protein that I need each day! In case you get sick of any of their multiple flavors, you could get plain and make it however you’d like! Delicious, healthy, and all around fantastic! YUMMM. (you can see a post dedicated to this delicious yogurt here).

I’m thankful for warmer weather this week! After a very chilly last week/weekend,  it finally warmed up on Sunday night and has been much warmer this week. Of course my body is confused if this is supposed to be spring, fall, or winter. Because I’m pretty sure I’ve experienced all 3 in the last couple days.

I’m thankful for an awesome run on Monday: Seriously, it was great. REALLY REALLY great. I can’t tell you exactly why it was so fantastic, except that IT JUST WAS. Maybe it was the first run in awhile that was outside, maybe it was the warmer weather, and maybe it was the pace. I’m not sure, but it was awesome, and I get a cheesy smile when I think about it.

I’m thankful for friends to text while watching TV: There’s a few TV shows I watch each week that friends around the country also watch. I love texting or FB chatting  throughout the show! Not only does it make that show more entertaining, but I get to catch up on their lives as well! It’s fun to know that I end some days with this!

I’m thankful that I was so productive this weekend: Because of the nasty weather outside, I decided to stay in most of the weekend and check lots of items off my “to do” list! I finally finished labeling the pictures from the trips I took in 2011 (I KNOW- so behind, right?), organized some past bills (this should be a blog post in itself), cleaned, cooked a number of foods and froze them for future use, grocery shopped, and a myriad of other items! My weeks are much less stressful when I get things done on the weekend!

Now you get to share! What are you thankful for today? What’s one thing that has been on your “to do” list for awhile?