Happy Monday! I woke up almost an hour before my alarm, and wasn’t feeling the best. However, I have a long list of things to do today, and was not going to let that feeling ruin today. I got up and ate 2/3 of a Luna bar and drank 12 ounces of orange juice. While that digested, I caught up on the news and read a few blogs. Outside, a wind advisory was in place, with winds being about 25 mph. After two weeks of running on the treadmill due to the nasty weather outside, I woke up this morning to the snow melted and clean roads, and knew I needed to get a run in outside! So, braving the winds whipping around me, I set out for a quick 2.5 miles. Despite the wind, I was able to keep my pace faster then I normally do outside! I felt strong and pushed against the wind. The wind occasionally knocked the breath out of me, and my eyes were watering the entire run, but I didn’t care. I was outside again and it felt amazing!

Many times throughout this blog I’ve complained that I go out too fast and run each mile more slowly then the last. Normally my 2nd mile is a minute or two slower then my 1st mile. I guess one good thing about running on the treadmill is it is training my body to not do that. Today I ran out with no goal in mind, but when I checked runkeeper after the run, I saw this:

How's that for consistency?

Ok, so I only ran 2.25 miles, and then walked the last .25 for my cool down, so that 14:26 doesn’t reflect running the way the first two miles did. Anyways, I was shocked. Somehow my body hit the exact same time miles 1 and 2. Amazing, right? So, while I might complain about the treadmill from time to time, it’s apparently helping me with my pacing.

Despite feeling gross when I woke up this morning, my run made a world of difference, and I’m feeling very happy right now. Funny how having a good run makes a huge difference. Now I’m doing a bit of this:


I’m not sure if this is really easier then taking an ice bath, but it certainly is more pleasant! Ok, I’m off to work! Have a great monday!

It’s time for you to share: Are you a consistent runner, or are your splits all over the place? What’s one of your cures when you wake up feeling gross?