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I’ve completed week 3 of training, and I finally feel like I’m back into my grove of running from the fall! Despite some aches and pains, which have always been present while running, it was a great week of fitness. Of course it started out with my huge three hour dinner at The Melting Pot, which made my run on Tuesday just a little slower then usual!

Here’s the breakdown of exercise for the week:

  • Sunday: Rest day
  • Monday: Strength and Stretching
  • Tuesday: 2 mile run
  • Wednesday: 4 mile elliptical
  • Thursday: 3.5 mile run
  • Friday: 40 minute yoga and stretching
  • Saturday: 4 mile run
Total Miles: 9.5 miles running + 4 miles elliptical = 13.5 total miles

My run on Tuesday was supposed to be 3 miles, but I had some bad foot pain starting at 1.2, and hobbled through another .8 miles. I decided it wasn’t worth being sore or hurting the rest of the week just to get another mile in, so I took it easy and went 2 miles instead.

Lesson Learned: Listening to my body is important! I took a mile off my plan for the week, and my foot did fine the rest of the week. I’m glad I didn’t push it, despite wanting to follow what my plan said.

Biggest Struggle: The treadmill! Ok, I know I put the treadmill last week as well, but I feel like it’s my biggest battle right now! It was cold, windy, and really snowy this week, so I did all 3 runs on the treadmill. I get bored and antsy, and a quarter of a mile seems to inch along. I always want to quit much more on the treadmill then I do while running outside!

If you care to share: How do you keep your mind occupied while on the treadmill? Are you good at being in tune with the needs of your body?