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It’s been awhile, hasn’t it? The last post I did was on December 10th when I recapped the Jingle Bell Jog that I had just completed. Since that time, I enjoyed a long Christmas break with family, and rang in the New Year with some good friends. It was restful, enjoyable, and ended much too quickly. Other then that, my IT band was aching even before the Jingle Bell Jog, so I decided to take a few weeks off. Instead, I took a few spinning classes, took a yoga class, and did Pilates many times.

Working my core

The cross training was good, worked out different muscles, and kept my cardio out without running, which was ideal. I’m blessed to have a family who loves to exercise, so we make time each day of Christmas break to work out.

I guess it’s time for my big announcement now. For Christmas, my brother registered me for my first half marathon race! I’m excited and nervous, and trying to get my act together for training. Over the last week I’ve spent countless hours reading information about training for half marathons, as well as printing off four or five different plans. This week and next week is all about getting back into running, as I’ve taken almost a month off. I did two runs this week, 2 mi and 2.5 mi, and both went well.

A few things:

  • The race is the first weekend of May, so I have a number of weeks to train
  • In my training plan, I only want to run 3 days a week. 1 day will be dedicated to cross training
  • I would like to put in 2 rest days in my plan
  • I don’t want my “long run” to top at 10 miles. I’d like to train up to 12 miles at least if I can

I could use your help! I know that many of you are pros at training for and racing the half marathon distance, so I’ll take any advice I can get from you all. A few questions I have:

  • What’s your best advice in creating a training plan?
  • If the race time is at 7:30 am, should I do at least some of my training runs at that time in the morning so my body is used to it?
  • On your cross training days, how many minutes did you work out?
  • What are your favorite stretches?
  • Any other advice?