Is it REALLY December already? The weeks seem to be flying by so quickly! This is my first free weekend since sometime in September, which I think has made the fall go much faster then usual as well. Two weeks ago I hurt my IT Band a bit while running. I’m not sure what I did, but it hurt to squat down at all. I decided to take the week off.

I ran on Thanksgiving day with my brother. It’s the first time we’ve gone running together since we were outside playing as little kids. It was a lot of fun, and the weather was fantastic. I forgot to take a picture, but it was almost 60 degrees and sunny out! The thanksgiving break was fantastic, and provided a great opportunity to allow my IT band to heal. I foam rolled regularly in hopes that it would heal a bit faster.

I had a LONG 13 hour car ride home after Thanksgiving, and spent the rest of this past week feeling very behind on my life. I have yet to go grocery shopping or unpack my bags. I didn’t work out, partly because of extra work commitments, and partly because of a nasty winter storm we got on Tuesday.

That all changed today, however. Today I went out for a nice 3.1 mile run, finishing in about 4 minutes slower then my PR during my last 5K. I tried out my new running jacket (an early Christmas present) and I loved it. Despite it being in the 30s, I felt nice and warm during my run!

Windblown w/a red face- That’s how I do my runs:)

I’ve missed running over the last few weeks, and it felt great to be out on the road once again! I have a race coming up next weekend, so this week it’s back to taking care of myself and watching my health!

Off to stretch, foam roll, and ice!