My grandma died on Monday. It was an unexpected-expected death. We knew she wasn’t going to live another year, but we had no idea it would be this soon. I got the call immediately following my last client on Monday. I loved my grandma very much, and am sad that we can no longer spend time together on this earth.

I love you grandma!

Between grieving for her, trying to get my life in order after the jet setting I did last week for a business trip, and trying to keep up at work, training this week has been a bit difficult. Monday after I got the call that my grandma died, I went on a 3 mile walk with a friend. Tuesday was a BEAUTIFUL day, and my friend and I went on a brisk 5 mile walk. Wednesday I went on a brief 1.25 mile shake out run, which is my final run before my 1st race this coming Saturday! Right now I’m hydrating, icing my knee, and rolling my foot. I’m having a little pain in my feet, so I’m trying to be careful. My legs are feeling heavy right now, and I’m worried that it won’t go well. I’m pretty sleep deprived, which of course doesn’t help.

I will be running this race in memory of my grandma, keeping one of my favorite mantras in mind “Keep Calm & Carry On”.