Yesterday was beautiful! No wind, beautiful sunshine, and upper 50s in the afternoon. In my opinion, this is perfect running weather.

See what I mean? BEAUTIFUL sunny day!

Although I had a lot to finish up for a presentation I have to give later this week, I decided to take a break and go out for a run. I’ve been taking a break since my half marathon walk, but yesterday I decided I couldn’t pass up a day like that to run. I laced up my shoes and headed out. I started out at my regular pace, deciding that if I felt any foot pain at all, I would slow way down. My goal for the day? Get moving again and enjoy the weather! I had no goal times or pace, but just wanted to get out and run again after a week of feeling antsy.

I felt strong as my feet hit the road and I fell into my usual 11 min/mile pace (for mile one at least). After I finished the first mile, I decided to attempt a 5k, but not allow myself to go further, even if I was feeling fine. My first mile ended up being just under 11 minutes, which is the fastest I’ve run that mile. I paid a bit for that my 2nd mile, but overall I held my pace the whole run, and didn’t need a walk break at all.

As I was running I ran past a door that had “Be strong & Courageous” written on it. It was definitely an encouragement for me, and kept me motivated as I hit the half way mark of my run. I’m slowly developing a series of mantras to keep me focused and motivated, and so far they are working out well! We’ll see how they stand up when I complete my race in a few weeks. I ran 3.1 miles in 36:30.

Splits for the run

I would like to work on staying at a more consistent pace on my runs. I’m pretty all over the place, and I think consistency may be a good thing to develop. Overall, I was really happy with my run today. No side cramps, no foot pain, and beautiful weather. It was a very good run:)

Now it’s your turn: Are you able to keep a consistent pace to your runs? What’s your advice on developing consistency? What’s your favorite weather in which to run?