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After my 4 mile run last weekend, I woke up Sunday a bit stiff and sore. I iced and foam rolled, and put on compression socks for the day. I think I mentioned in my last post that I go walking a few times a week with a friend who went to grad school with me. After we graduated and had a bit more free time, we decided to take an active role in our health. We got together with another friend on Sunday evening, and she casually asked me if I wanted to walk a half marathon on Monday. We’ve been talking about this for over a year, and really wanted to get it in before the weather got too chilly, so Monday sounded good to me. EXCEPT- I was still feeling sore from pushing myself hard on Saturday.

Monday morning I woke up early, ate a breakfast of oatmeal (with apples), and began hydrating while icing my knee and hip. Lunch was almond butter on both sides of a bagel, pomegrate Chobani, and some fruit. I made sure to back in protein and carbs before to keep me going.

I’ll be honest. I was pretty nervous about setting out for 13.1 miles. It’s a long distance, even for walking, and I wasn’t sure how I would hold up as I was still achy from my last run. By mile 3 my foot was hurting, but I refused to quit. I started looking it as a half mile- i just needed to go a half a mile. When I hit that half mile, I’d say it again. Luckily I had a friend to talk to so I could keep my mind off the pain, and finally we hit mile 7, where we re-fueled (protein Luna bar). That mile went a bit faster since I was eating which took some focus from my foot. Then it was back to focusing on a half mile at a time.

Before I knew it, I looked down at my phone and BOOM! 13.2 miles!

There’s your proof!

I WALKED A HALF MARATHON! For a split second I felt guilty being excited because people run marathons and ironmans. But then I realized- even if I walked it, it’s more then I could do a few years ago, and it’s more then a lot of people could do. It’s OK to be excited about it, because it’s an ACCOMPLISHMENT.

So then I got REALLY excited, and jumped up and down a bit, then immediately hurried home for a marathon foam rolling and icing session.

VERY EXCITED to be done with my first 13.1 miles…hence the huge smile:)

So now I’ve walked a half marathon distance, and I want more! My foot is hurting a bit so I’m trying to take a few rest days and icing so I don’t make anything worse. I have a race in 2 weeks and am doing everything I can to make sure I run it!

Should I have walked that distance? Um, probably not given the strain on my body from the few days earlier, and my training. Am I happy I did though? ABSOLUTELY.

I walked a half marathon!

Now it’s your turn! What’s one of your proudest accomplishments in life? What’s your next goal towards health?